I Hate My Neighbor is a 8 part dramedy about all the bullshit that happens when people live together in an apartment building.

It's the year 2030 and ain't a damn thing changed. There ain't no flying cars or personal robots. People are still broke, jealous and mad. Most people live, work and go to school in their apartments and don't give a damn about their neighbors. Loud music, 50 inch stereo TVs, barking dogs, loud babies, drunks, singers, rappers, dancers and psychos are the norm. There's a new drug on the scene called "shuga" which is basically sugarcane on steroids.

Trey an ex felon wants to do right, but falls back into the drug game vowing to only sell shuga to his neighbors in the building. One lick of shuga and they're hooked. They'll barter, steal, snitch and beg for a lick of shuga.